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Monthly Archives: July 2020

    Are You Ready for a Bidding War?

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 27, 2020

    Buyers: Are You Ready for a Bidding War? With businesses reopening throughout the country and some experts indicating early signs of a much-anticipated economic recovery, more homebuyers are actively entering the housing market this summer. Today, housing is truly driving the U.S. economy forward. With so many buyers looking for homes to purchase and so few... Read More

    Homebuyers Want to Buy TODAY!

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 20, 2020

    Homebuyers Are in the Mood to Buy Today According to the latest FreddieMac Quarterly Forecast, mortgage interest rates have fallen to historically low levels this spring and they’re projected to remain low. This means there’s a huge incentive for buyers who are ready to purchase. And homeowners looking for eager buyers can take advantage of this... Read More

    3 Reasons Homebuyers Are Ready to Purchase in 2020.

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 13, 2020

    Three Reasons Homebuyers Are Ready to Purchase This Year A recent survey by Lending Tree tapped into behaviors of over 1,000 prospective buyers. The results indicated 53% of all homebuyers are more likely to buy a home in the next year, even amid the current health crisis. The survey further revealed why, naming several reasons buyers are more likely to move... Read More

    Investing in Real Estate is Still the Top Investment Choice.

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 6, 2020

    Real Estate Tops Best Investment Poll for 7th Year Running Every year, Gallup conducts a survey of Americans to determine their choice for the best long-term investment. Respondents are asked to select real estate, stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings accounts/CDs, or bonds. For the seventh year in a row, real estate has come out on top as the best long-term... Read More