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    iBuyers: What Is the “Cost of Convenience” When Selling Your Home?

    By Sandra Lowrey | September 5, 2019

    iBuyers: What Is the “Cost of Convenience” When Selling Your Home? When thinking about selling their house, homeowners have many options. A relatively new option is using an “iBuyer.” What is an iBuyer? According to Jovio, the definition is: “A company or investor that uses Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) to make instant offers on homes. It... Read More

    What is Important to Boomers when Selling their House?

    By Sandra Lowrey | August 28, 2019

    What is Important to Boomers when Selling their House? If you are a “baby boomer” (born between 1946 and 1964), you may be thinking about selling your current home. Your children may have finally moved out. Your large, four-bedroom house with three bathrooms no longer fits the bill. Taxes are too high. Utilities are too... Read More

    What You Need to Know About PMI

    By Sandra Lowrey | August 21, 2019

    What You Need to Know About Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Whether it is your first time or your fifth, it is always important to know all the facts when it comes to buying a home. With the large number of mortgage programs available that allow buyers to purchase homes with down payments below 20%, you... Read More

    Before Looking for Your Dream Home – Know What You Can Afford – Get Pre-Approved!

    By Sandra Lowrey | August 14, 2019

    Stop Wondering What Your Budget Is & Get Pre-Approved! In many markets across the country, the number of buyers searching for their dream homes outnumbers the number of homes for sale. This has led to a competitive marketplace where buyers often need to stand out. One way to show that you are serious about buying your dream... Read More

    The Best Choice for Investing 6 Years Running!

    By Sandra Lowrey | August 7, 2019

    Americans Rank Real Estate Best Investment for 6 Years Running! [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights: Real estate has outranked stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings accounts/CDs, and bonds as the best long-term investment among Americans for the last 6 years. Stock owners are more positive about real estate than stocks as an investment. Of the 4 listed, real estate is the... Read More

    Why You Should Own Instead of Rent

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 31, 2019

    5 Powerful Reasons to Own Instead of Rent Owning a home has great financial benefits. In a recent research paper, Homeownership and the American Dream, Laurie S. Goodman and Christopher Mayer of the Urban Land Institute explained: “Homeownership appears to help borrowers accumulate housing and nonhousing wealth in a variety of ways, with tax advantages, greater... Read More

    Americans’ Powerful Belief in Homeownership as an Investment

    By Sandra Lowrey | July 17, 2019

    Americans’ Powerful Belief in Homeownership as an Investment The Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed) recently released their 2019  Survey of Consumer Expectations Housing Survey. The survey reported that 65% of Americans believe homeownership is a good financial investment. Since 2014, the percentage has increased by over nine percent.The Fed’s survey also showed that when the results are... Read More

    10 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling a Home – Lowrey Team

    By Sandra Lowrey | June 6, 2019

    It is a Seller’s Market here in Huntsville.  But that doesn’t mean you can just slap a sign in the yard and your house is going to sell for top dollar.  Make sure you’re avoiding these 10 Mistakes when selling your home!   Read More

    Why You Should Use A Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home –

    By Sandra Lowrey | May 8, 2019

    With home sales booming in Huntsville you might think its less expensive and easier to sell your home yourself than to use a licensed Realtor.  Check out a few factors that you should consider when making the important decision on how you will sell your home. Read More – March 2019 Market Numbers

    By Sandra Lowrey | April 30, 2019

      Want to know that North Alabama market in a snapshot?  Well, here it is!  March numbers have shown an increase in homes sold from the month of February: 1153 (March) – 934 (February), Average Sales price has also increased to $209,750 compared to $205,143 in February.  The Average Days on Market has shown a... Read More